Leading The Way Towards 5G Mobile Operators

Leading The Way Towards 5G

The Problem

As mobile operators move towards 5G networks, network upgrades and deployments are becoming increasingly complex. The nature of the telecommunications network is changing, and mobile operators need to be able to respond to this change.

With these changes in technology comes the need for faster, more cost effective deployments, and an increased demand for resources to support them. Mobile operators need the right tools to effectively manage all of this activity.

The Solution

Mobile operators often use off-the-shelf tools to support network deployments, and often must use several tools to manage everything end-to-end. Project management and financial systems that are being used don’t share key project information, and outdated tools like spreadsheets are used heavily. These tools are inefficient, and don’t take advantage of the significant amounts of data available.

Fieldforce provides a platform that enables end-to-end management of all mobile network deployment and operations activities. From network design through to operations and maintenance, Fieldforce is the central command post for communication, project management, and network insights.

Fieldforce allows mobile network operators to:

Easy-to-use workflow builder

Operations Workflows

Build entire deployment and operations workflows, including field activities and approval chains with an easy-to-use workflow builder.

Preventative maintenance and manage resources

Preventative Maintenance

Easily schedule preventative maintenance, and manage resources more efficiently.

Manage Assets

Manage Assets

Manage assets from procurement through to end of life, with real-time insights into asset location, condition, and activities taken.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

Analyze network health and mitigate risk by surfacing insights that allow you to ensure operational efficiency.

Build custom analytics

Custom Analytics

Quickly identify risk areas, trends, and actions required with custom analytics available to all members of the organization.

Network Builds

Network Builds

Find authorized service providers to facilitate network builds.

Manage key components for site builds

Site Builds

Manage key components for site builds, such as power, leasing, ordinances, zoning, and permitting.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Adjust and scale network management as infrastructure or processes evolve