2 OCTOBER, 2019

Fieldforce Inc. Deploys its Network Platform Supporting SmartSky’s Air-to-Ground Network

Fieldforce Inc. announced that it has deployed the Fieldforce platform to streamline the rollout of next-generation airborne communications provider SmartSky Networks’ air-to-ground platform.

“As a disruptor in aviation, SmartSky recognizes the need to leverage the latest technology for streamlining network deployment and asset management. We are two years into our partnership with Fieldforce and this has enabled us to completely digitize our asset management and field operations activities,” said Haynes Griffin, SmartSky chairman and CEO.

The Fieldforce platform has been customized to map to SmartSky’s existing processes to meet the unique requirements of their air-to-ground network. Fieldforce’s solution enables Smartsky to manage its ground assets and Aircraft Based Radio’s (ABRs) in a unified platform. The solution includes integration with financial systems and features such as real-time analytics that enable SmartSky to quickly identify issues.

“Fieldforce was designed to be an agile cloud-based next-generation network deployment and asset management platform that can be quickly deployed, customized and implemented to meet the changing requirements of customers, without the back-office overhead, infrastructure and complexities of legacy systems,” says Basit Malik, founder and CEO of Fieldforce.


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SmartSky Networks

Oct 2, 2019