21 SEPTEMBER, 2020

Fieldforce Inc. and New Sun Road, PBC Announce Strategic Partnership for Digital Transformation of Distributed Energy Systems Deployment

Fieldforce Inc., a leading global software company for digital transformation and deployment of 5G, IoT and utilities, announced today that it is partnering with New Sun Road, a technology company for remote management of solar-based microgrids, to streamline deployment, operations and maintenance of NSR’s leading distributed energy management system.

“Fieldforce was built to transform the way assets are deployed and managed in the field. We have significantly increased the ability for customers to use our platform to digitize their business processes. Distributed energy management is a key driver for connectivity growth, especially in rural areas and emerging markets. We are excited to partner with the innovative team at New Sun Road to streamline deployment of their leading power management system.” said Basit Malik, Founder and CEO of Fieldforce.

“New Sun Road constantly builds and searches for world-class technology tools to help customers reduce the operating costs for distributed energy fleets while supporting their scale ambitions. NSR’s new release of the Stellar Microgrid OS builds on its position as the leading global platform for remote management of solar microgrids. Fieldforce’s impressive software brings more options for best-practice field operations to customers in telecom, construction, installation, utilities, and energy access.” said Jalel Sager, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of New Sun Road.

Fieldforce is a configurable no-code platform which creates a digital twin of processes and assets for infrastructure owners and service providers. Fieldforce enables fully digital, next-generation deployment of assets for connectivity providers, smart cities, utilities, and oil and gas industries. Digitizing data which was previously stored in spreadsheets and fragmented systems, Fieldforce leverages AI/ML to identify cost reduction and efficiency improvement opportunities. The Fieldforce platform has managed deployment and operations of assets worth over $5B across the globe.

Stellar Microgrid OS is the world’s leading cloud software for remote solar microgrid management. With Stellar Edge devices, it forms an end-to-end IoT platform that perfects the operation of solar, solar + storage, and solar hybrid fleets. The intuitive NoC view allows easy real-time management of plant elements (inverters, batteries, generators) and people (technicians, customers). Core features include interoperability with a large universe of plant elements, resilient networks and data integrations, and ML-based automation for generators.

About Fieldforce Inc.

Fieldforce is the world’s leading cloud-based platform that enables true digital transformation of an organization’s core operational processes, including network deployment, operations, asset management, reporting, and analytics. The company provides the most robust, customizable and scalable platform for deployment of next-generation communication and IoT networks. Fieldforce serves mobile and wireless network operators and their ecosystems, IoT companies, smart cities, oil and gas companies, renewable energy providers and more. Fieldforce Inc. is headquartered in Washington, DC. For more information, please visit

About New Sun Road, PBC

New Sun Road is a California Public Benefit Corporation mandated since 2014 to 1) accelerate the deployment of renewable energy systems via advanced technologies, and 2) to enable energy and Internet access for remote and underserved communities. Its core capabilities include software, power systems, and network engineering. NSR’s flagship product, Stellar Microgrid OS, serves more than 500 sites in 16 countries. Located in Richmond, California, the company brings deep research capabilities to problems of large-scale energy system control. For more information please visit or contact CEO Jalel Sager at

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Written By:

Ryan Walberg

Sep 21, 2020