AI Analytics & Reporting

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Customizable and beautiful dashboards. Powerful AI-driven analytics enabling deeply-insightful custom dashboards and reports.

Leverage AI analytics

Easily standardize analytics by automatically pulling data from projects to create dashboards and reports that are visible to all stakeholders.

  • Create visual alerts indicating overdue tasks, project delays, & outstanding issues
  • View rich analytics and insights available wherever you go
  • Run SQL queries on data
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Project Management
Project Management

Create and share custom reports

Intelligent insights are necessary for teams to make informed decisions.

  • Generate custom reports based on your organization’s needs.
  • Track progress through daily updates
  • Access reports from any device
  • Utilize insights driven by live data collection
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Personalize analytics dashboards

Visualize your data through a customizable analytics dashboard that can be tailored to your organization.

  • Scan over high-level analytics
  • Access aggregate view of your data
  • Create personalized dashboards
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Project Management
Project Management

Export data effortlessly

Need to view your data in a separate file outside Fieldforce? Not a problem; your data is easily exportable on demand.

  • Export data in multiple formats including csv and xls
  • Connect the Fieldforce analytics platform to your data repository using APIs
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