Improving Operational Efficiency For Private Networks Private Networks

Improving Operational Efficiency For Private Networks

The Problem

As the size and complexity of private networks continues to grow, network operators in places like public arenas, universities, and large corporate campuses face new challenges to meet network demand.

With a high number of stakeholders involved in deployment and operations of private networks, managing all network activity becomes challenging. Project management tools and IT ticketing systems are often used to increase efficiency and organization, but using multiple systems causes inefficiency as well.

The Solution

Fieldforce provides a platform that enables end-to-end management of all private network deployment and operations activities. From network design, through operations and maintenance, Fieldforce is the central command post from which universal communication occurs and insights are obtained.

With Fieldforce, private network operators can:

Easy-to-use workflow builder

Operations Workflows

Build entire deployment and operations workflows, including field activities and approval chains with an easy-to-use workflow builder.

Preventative maintenance and manage resources

Preventative Maintenance

Easily schedule preventative maintenance, and manage resources more efficiently.

Manage Assets

Manage Assets

Manage assets from procurement through to end of life, with real-time insights into asset location, condition, and activities taken.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

Analyze network health and mitigate risk by surfacing insights that allow you to ensure operational efficiency.

Build custom analytics

Custom Analytics

Quickly identify risk areas, trends, and actions required with custom analytics available to all members of the organization.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Adjust and scale network management as infrastructure or processes evolve

Our implementation philosophy is to have operators up and running as quickly as possible, and to ensure all parts of the organization have the right tools to perform their function.